Advanced wildlife emergency care


Heat and humidity controlled rescue pod for wildlife 

A mobile intensive care unit for rescued animals.

The CrittaCrib creates ideal conditions for rescue and rehabilitation

A lightweight, foldable and completely portable rescue pod for wildlife.

The newest product from Nator manufacturing is the CrittaCrib. A fully portable ICU, incubator and humidicrib for rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  It is battery powered using a rechargeable battery, car/truck or from your home or clinic. Providing controlled temperature and humidity from the moment of rescue, transportation and throughout long term care.  Temperatures and humidity requirements can be programmed for each wildlife species for simplicity and set-and-forget confidence.  

The CrittaCrib  protects animals in care from infection, torpor and stress from handling. This prevents them from using vital energy/calories to maintain their body temperatures in the case of torpor from the rescue event.

The CrittaCrib provides a warm, controlled, clean, and enclosed environment where the animal in care can be easily observed. The WildLifePod includes clear viewing windows, thermal and humidity monitoring and automation. This not only creates the best rescue environment for animals and other very but also helps them recover in care

The CrittaCrib is made from aluminium, and treated to handle animal waste for durability.  It also folds out flat with removable electronic components for extremely easy cleaning.  When not in use, it can be folded into a small, flat back for easy storage and transportation.

Never before has a pod like this been seen.  


Lightweight, foldable, easy to transport

Constructed from durable, lightweight, treated aluminium, the CrittaCrib folds to a flat pack easily and includes a carry handle, making this an extremely easy unit to transport.  It is the ideal rescue basket as well as care pod, and can be used to respond to emergency situations (eg. bush fire rescues). It even includes optional accessories such a and backpack carrier.

The CrittaCrib is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and treated to withstand wildlife and their waste.

Inbuilt rechargeable battery for full mobility

Create the ideal conditions to help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife from the moment they are rescued.  The CrittaCrib reduces stress and heat loss which could otherwise lead to death.

Humidity and heating automated

Every animal needs specific heating and humitity to grow and mend.  The ideal conditions are those that replicate the mother’s pouch or under mum’s wing in the nest.  The CrittaCrib does that at the touch of a button.  Set it to the needs of the species being rescued to support your rehabilitation efforts.

confidence at the touch of a button

The CrittaCrib is packed full of technology with a simple design for ease of use and complete confidence.  Programmed to create the right conditions depending on the animal in care, the operation is uncomplicated with a simple push-button design.  Simply set and forget to know you’re giving wildlife in your care the best chance.

Taking early expressions of interest

Don’t miss out on the first round of CrittaCribs to hit the market

Every wildlife rescue volunteer and carer can relate to the frustration that accompanies the loss of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife that comes into our care.  It can take an emotional toll.  You do what you do because you’re passionate about saving one of our most valuable resources.  That’s the same reason Nator Manufacturing makes products to help you rescue and care for wildlife.  

If you would like a CrittaCrib of your own to help you rescue and care for wildlife, express your interest with us to ensure you don’t miss out on the first round of stock.  Quantities will be limited for the launch.


Interested in better animal rescue and care with CrittaCrib?

Get in touch with us to learn about how we’ve helped wildlife groups like yours before.  Express your interest in owning your own CrittaCrib.

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