Foliagenator – Fresh Water

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Foliagenator - Fresh Water

The original Foliagenator with the option of a freshwater tank.  The freshwater tank dumps water periodically to reduce the number of cycles recycled and cleaned water is used on the foliage.  This is ideal for Koalas and other animals highly susceptible to existing contaminations.

This is the standard-size unit Foliagentor.  It is the right height for most foliage collected and stored for wildlife in care.  If you need more headspace to store long branches (like those stored for Koalas), we recommend our Tall Foliagenator instead.

Talk to us to find out if the freshwater option is necessary for your Foliagenator and animals in care.

Product Add Ons

Select the optional product add-ons above to determine your final Foliagenator cost.

Unsure of which product add-ons you need for your Foliagenator?

The Foliagenator operates perfectly without any product add-ons. However, we have found some organisations and carers have unique needs depending on the animals in care.  That's why we offer a number of additional items to make your life and using the Foliagenator easier.  All information is below.  Simply select your desired options above for full pricing.

Bucket Size: 

The most popular size is our 27L bucket. There are 11 buckets included.  Alternatively, you can choose to have your Foliagenator installed with smaller 9L buckets.  15 included.

We recommend selecting the bucket size based on what you normally use to hold your collected foliage.  The pricing is the same for both bucket sizes.  Simply let us know when you place your order by contacting us.

Solar Power Panel Extension Cord:

Units stored indoors or in a shady spot more than 50m away from direct sunlight will require the extension cord. Select this as an option above for your total Foliagenator cost.

Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit includes a leaf scoop, and brush for scrubbing.  We recommend purchasing the cleaning kit to make cleaning easier.

Select this as an option above for your total Foliagenator cost.

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank is ideal for carers with a large number of hungry animals in care.  It is a second Foliagenator but without electronic components.  The second tank is powered by the main unit

The above pricing is based on the assumption a second unit of the same size as the main, powered Foliagenator is needed.  However, if you have different species of animals in care (and so shorter foliage stored vs. that in the main powered unit) and a shorter expansion tank is all that is needed, let us know.  The standard height expansion tank will give you a saving of $350 vs. the tall expansion pack priced above.


Still Got Questions?

Got questions?  Download a user manual for more information on how the Foliagenator works, product images, and warranty terms from our Foliagenator page. You can also check out our frequently asked questions and answers page here.

Additional information

Cleaning Kit

Yes, No

Solar Cable Extension (10M)

Yes, No

Expansion Tank

Yes, No


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