Advanced wildlife emergency care

made to feed Aussie wildlife

Keeps foliage fresh for longer

Built to feed wildlife

Makes feeding wildlife easier by extending the life of cut foliage

Wildlife care is demanding and often overwhelming.  Having lots of hungry mouths to feed, sourcing the right food is a vital task which takes time and effort.  Therefore, proper storage and management of foliage is critical to reducing waste.   

Foliagenator keeps foliage fresh for longer than conventional storage methods.  The fully automated, self-contained unit cleans foliage and waters it at timed intervals.  This stops the foliage from drying out and has been proven to extend the edible life and nutrition of foliage cut and collected for wildlife.


Reduce maintenance of cut foliage


Reduce foliage collection frequency


Keep foliage fresh and nutritious for longer


Rinse pollution from foliage

Keeps foliage fresh for longer

The Foliagenator creates the ideal conditions to keep cut foliage fresh, crisp, tasty and nutritious for longer.   Water is sprayed over leaves at timed intervals to keep them fresh and hydrated.  The water is cleaned and recycled.

Energy Efficient Off-Grid Solar Power

Foliagenator has been designed with the carers and the environment in mind.  The unit powers itself with solar power energy.  It is also energy efficient giving you the confidence it will keep working during poor weather conditions.  Given the water is recycled, no plumbing is required.

Rinses pollution from foliage

The Foliagenator filters the water and recycles it in the unit to effectively clean the foliage and then redistributes the water.   No plumbing is needed.  The Foliagenator can also be programmed to dump water at set intervals if there is concern about water quality.

Fully Automated to simplify foliage storage

We will set your Foliagenator unit up and ensure it is programed for ideal storage depending on your wildlife needs.  You just need to add foliage and the Foliagentor will do the rest.  The water is even recycled and the energy is sourced via solar panels, so no plumbing or additional power supply is needed.


Feed wildlife fresher food for the best possible chance of recovery.

Store your foliage in purpose-built containers, separated by variety, and let the Foliagenator water the foliage at automatic, timed intervals.  No plumbing is needed, and water is filtered and recycled.   Thanks to it’s solar panels, no additional power supply is necessary either.  Foliagenator is fully off-grid, environmentally friendly, and makes wildlife food storage easier.

The foliagentor comes programmed, delivered to your door and then fully installed.  You just need to add the foliage.

Possums, koalas, Kangaroos

We work with wildlife groups and carers of all animals.

The Foliagenator is purpose-built.  That’s because every animal in care has different care and feeding requirements and every carer has slightly different needs.  To get storage right, we work closely with the carers that will be using the unit to understand their needs first.  We then build their Foliagenator based on what we know works best from units already in use.

The Foliagenator has been tried and tested and is in use in a variety of wildlife organisations and care facilities all over Australia.   The Foliagenator has been proven to keep all types of foliage fresh for longer no matter the animal it is collected for.  We have been helping carers of kangaroos, koalas, possums, birds and more to keep their hungry patients fed with nutritious fresh foliage.



Tailor made solutions available to suit the species of wildlife in care


Tested for storage of all types of foliage

Do you need longer lasting foliage for your wildlife in care?

Get in touch with us to learn about how we’ve helped wildlife groups like yours before.  We can design, build and install the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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