Because we love wildlife

About Nator Manufacturing

Nator Manufacturing was founded in 2019 with the single purpose of helping carers of wildlife get sick, injured and orphaned wildlife back to the wild in the most respectful manner.

The founder himself was a wildlife volunteer who experienced first hand the pressures of caring for wildlife.  In particular, he noticed the toll foliage collection and storage was taking on already stretched carers and how much of it ended up going to waste if it wasn’t used in time.  That’s why the Foliagenator was invented and launched.

WIth a background in construction and a passion for using upcycled materials for more environmental solutions and every day needs, Nator Manufacturings founder couldn’t sit still for long.  Soon off the back of the Foliagenator, the start of the CrittaCrib began to take shape.

Now our goal is to get more products into the hands of as many people to help them rescue and rehabilitate Australian animals giving them the best possible chance for success. 


Built for Australian Wildlife

Nator Manufacturing is an Australian owned business that is dedicated to helping Australian Wildlife and making care of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife easier.  From materials, to local manufacture, and powering our products, everything we do is focussed on leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible, while helping nature through wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. 

Our Inspiration

Respect and admiration of our native wildlife. To provide carefully designed products specifically for wildlife care and rescue to enable them the highest level of care and a fast release into the wild. Working as a volunteer at Wires encouraged me to fill the needs of getting things done more efficiently saving time and resources such as electricity and water with the inception of the Foliagenator.

Our Vision

To be a highly innovative business supplying specifically designed products for wildlife, and their rehabilitators.  Doing so using the latest technology and environmentally sustainable processes and manufacturing with easily serviceable high quality products. To be the the brand name that carers can be confident in using.

Our Mission

Provide wildlife organisations and individual carers and rescuers with time saving, resource saving and wildlife saving products.  Our goal is to reduce animal loss and further degradation of our environment.


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36 Lonsdale Street
Lilyfield NSW 2040