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From the makers of Foliagenator..

A while back, we created the Foliagenator to help carers feed sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in care. It keeps foliage fresh for longer so foliage collection can happen less frequently.

Now we bring you the CrittaCrib, a mobile intensive care unit for transporting wildlife.  The Crittacrib is a lightweight, portable, heat and humidity regulated rescue and care pod designed to reduce animal deaths, and help get wildlife back to the wild sooner and safely.

We won’t stop there though.  Our mission is to help you provide the best care possible for wildlife.

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Our Mission

To help wildlife rescue


Keep foliage fresher for longer, reduce the frequency of foliage collection, and feed those in care healthy, nutritious foliage to give them the best possible chance.

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The highly portable and compact intensive care unit for wildlife.  Lightweight and powered by inbuilt battery, mains power or car plug. This pod is not only temperature and humidity controlled, it also folds down to the size of a briefcase! The intention of this design means you always have it with you.  

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The Mistinator is the next product in our mission to support rescuers and carers of Australian Wildlife.  Watch this space to find out more.

Replacement Parts

We know wildlife care is messy at times.  If you need anything replaced, simply let us know.  We design products so they last but also so any component can be easily replaced if needed.

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How can we help you care for wildlife?

All of our products are purpose built to help carers and wildlife organisations rescue and care for Australian animals.   We’re a dynamic organisation so let us know what you need.  Enquire with us about one or all of Nator Manufacturings products for wildlife.


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